Compared to Cam Newton? RG3 would prefer Aaron Rodgers

Of course, when two mobile and dynamic quarterbacks who happen to be black face off, comparisons are inevitable. All of a sudden, RG3 is the new Cam, despite the profound differences in their overall playing styles. Griffin understands that it’s the nature of the business, no matter how silly it is, but he has his sights set higher.

“It’s something that the media’s definitely going to play into with both of us being similar-style quarterback with different qualities to each other, but it’s not my job to try to compare us,” Griffin said on Wednesday. “I’ll let you guys continue to do that. It’s like I tell people many, many times: I won’t be playing him, I’ll be playing his defense. So, have fun with the comparisons. We do run similar schemes. There’s a lot of similarities. But, I’d rather be compared to Aaron Rodgers, or a guy like that: someone who’s won Super Bowls.”

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