Lingerie Basketball League

With all of the NFL replacement referee talk lately we’ve heard a lot about the Lingerie Football League but nobody is mentioning the Lingerie Basketball League.

There are four teams that comprise the league and all of them are located in Los Angeles. It’s like the WNBA with more attractive and scantily clad women. The funny thing is that these girls are good basketball players and they seem to take it very seriously. And if the players fall short of the MVP award there’s always the consolation of Hottie of the Year. Yes it’s a REAL thing.

It sounds like the inaugural season was a success since the second season starts up in October. Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy have also attended these games (as a spectator) to support her sister who plays for one of the teams. It must’ve provided some inspiration for the Bikini Basketball League which starts this year as well. And again, YES it’s a REAL thing.

Here’s TMZ’s footage of Jenny McCarthy supporting her sister