Kobe Mirrors Jordan

There’s a lot of debate of who the greatest basketball player is since Michael Jordan. In my opinion it’s Lebron James (insert LBJ hate, Kobe love, and ring comparisons here) but if you’re talking about the player that most resembles MJ it’s got to be Kobe Bryant. Aside from their similar game, they’re basically the same height, build, and played the same position.

Growing up in Italy, Kobe looked up to another Mike … Mike D’antoni who played for Olimpia Milano in the Italian basketball league and even wore #8 originally because of D’Antoni. Obviously his role model changed when he grew up and he eventually mirrored his game after Jordan. They have the same fade-away jumper, dribble size-ups, and am I crazy or do they even sound the same?! … you know he definitely got his swag from MJ.

And just for fun I’ve added a Mike D’Antoni mixtape with some amazing background music. For some reason I crave Pringles every time I see him.