The LeSean/Osi Beef

NFL commentators always talk about the NFC East division rivalries and the bad blood between these teams but I thought that feeling was represented more in fans than the actual players. Not in this case.

LeSean McCoy, starting running back of the Philadelphia Eagles, and New York Giants Defensive End Osi Umenyiora legitimately dislike each other. It started over Twitter with tweets like “Happy Mothers Day Lesean Mccoy! Enjoy your special day!!” and it carried on to ESPN’s E:60 interview with LeSean’s response calling Osi a “Ballerina in a Giants uniform”. Wow talk about BURNS (#sarcasm) but it does add more fuel to the fire to this Sunday Night’s game between the two clubs.

I’ll take McCoy’s side on this beef since I’ve seen Umenyiora on MTV Cribs (bad video quality but the only clip I could find) making himself look like a total douche-bag. We’ll see who gets the last word when they battle it out on Sunday.

You can watch the E:60 video here.